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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Best Salsa Festival I Ever Attended: Salsa Dance Reports

While vacationing in Oxnard, CA, I had the distinct privileges of being in town for the annual Salsa Festival. My family, friends and I had a blast. It was an open air festival that catered to people from all over the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Central Valley of California. In fact, we were also in town for the Dallas Cowboys training camp with friends. We had a great time. Between the shopping, trips to the ocean to cool off, dinner at the hotels and training camp sessions, we were kept very busy. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were also in town. They gave their own shows. For me and all the other players who strolled into town, Salsa Dancing was the greatest fun part of the trip.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welcome to Salsa Planet: Salsa and Merengue Take Over The World; Memorial Holiday Salsa Dancing

If you like the music, you will like the food. More and more people are falling in love with the Latin beat and rhythm. More young people are embracing the latest Latin hip hop and pop artists. To see how popular the music is, go to any nightclub all over the country, you will realize that salsa and Merengue songs are being played. At any parks, many young people are known to play music for hours.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Salsa, Tortilla vs. Ketchup and Wonder Bread

When was the last time you bought salsa instead of ketchup? When was the last time you told your spouse not to forget to purchase tortilla for you? As more and more Hispanics are opening businesses in various parts of the country, they are spreading the latin taste wherever they go. In places such as California, New York, New Mexico, Texas and North and South Carolinas and Georgia, Hispanics can be found in the health care and service sectors. As far as taste is concerned, Mexican food has become as popular as chinese food. According to a recent survey conducted by ABC, "Salsa now outsells ketchup, Barrera notes, and tortillas outsell Wonder Bread. And that buying clout will only continue to grow as the population expands: Hispanics are expected to spend $1 trillion in the United States by 2010. Since Hispanics make up 14 percent of the overall U.S. population, they're also a growing part of the consumer market, which has helped fuel some of these new businesses." Another revalation of the survey is that Hispanics are not job-takers. They are also job creators. "The majority of these businesses are small, self-employed operations — only 13 percent have employees besides the owner. The greatest percentage, roughly three in 10, are in construction or other service sectors, such as repair and maintenance. There are also sizable numbers of Hispanic-owned firms in the fields of health care, retail trade (which includes mom-and-pop stores) and transportation, according to Census figures."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dancing all over the world

Matt Harding quits his job to dance all over the world. This is one of the sudden dance craze! It may better and more genuine than Dancing with the Stars!

Dancing Matt

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jamaican Hot Pepper in Author's Messy Divorce

Terry McMillan who is 54, referring to her 30-year former husband, Jonathan Palmer, directed these comments.

Who says that salsa does not permeate relationships? Hey, add some salsa, hot pepper to the Divorce Party Accessories list

"She apparently was referring to the time she left him a bottle of Jamaican hot pepper sauce on which she wrote, "Fag Juice Burn Baby Burn." And probably also to the time she scrawled "Jonathan's Fag boyfriend Fag" on a photo of a friend" SFGate.com Columnist.

It was a messy divorce, a nasty fight. Terry McMillan fought back. Well, her lawyer fought to keep her financial assets intact. In one last gesture, McMillan sent Plummer's attorney an inscribed copy of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back'' with this parting shot: "You made me sick these last eight or nine months and I hope you rot in hell.''

According to the settlement, Mr. Plummer only got awarded $50,000. Hey, that's not bad. His car will be paid off. He'll receive $10,000 for temporary spousal support. He'll have beaucoup change left.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

As Hot as Hell: Cayenne Peppers

After Death Hot Sauce

Some of the chile sauces you should try

Users, Beware, Hot Chile Sauces Ahead: What My Family Enjoys

In case you need to shop, check gallerychile.com/hotsauces

Here's a list of some of my favorite hot chile sauce; Can you handle them?

Salsa History & Influences: With a side-to-side fee, Salsa Reignsl: The Latin and Afro-Caribbean Contribution to Salsa Evolution.

Give credits to whom they are due. Give credits to the Afro-Caribbean and Latin people who embraced Salsa and gave it something of their own culture. Whether you are talking about the Puerto Ricans, the Dominicans, the Haitians, the Cubans and many other parts of Central and South Americas, Salsa has been to many cultures. It reflects the contribution of each of these cultures.

What can we say about the origins of Salsa? For sure, it has been spread to the United States with all the migrations from the Latin America and the Caribbean region. Just like baseball, Salsa also came with the migrants.

“It is not only Cuban; nevertheless we must give credit to Cuba for the origin and ancestry of creation. It is here where Contra-Danze (Country Dance) of England/France, later called Danzón, which was brought by the French who fled from Haiti, begins to mix itself with Rhumbas of African origin (Guaguanco, Colombia, Yambú). Add Són of the Cuban people, which was a mixture of the Spanish troubadour (sonero) and the African drumbeats and flavora and a partner dance flowered to the beat of the clave.
This syncretism also occurred in smaller degrees and with variations in other countries like the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Puerto Rico, among others. Bands of these countries took their music to Mexico City in the era of the famous films of that country (Perez Prado, most famous...). Shortly after, a similar movement to New York occurred. In these two cities, more promotion and syncretism occurred and more commercial music was generated because there was more investment. New York created the term "Salsa", but it did not create the dance. The term became popular as nickname to refer to a variety of different music, from several countries of Hispanic influence: Rhumba, Són Montuno, Guaracha, Mambo, Cha cha cha, Danzón, Són, Guguanco, Cubop, Guajira, Charanga, Cumbia, Plena, Bomba, Festejo, Merengue, among others. Many of these have maintained their individuality and many were mixed creating "Salsa" (Jaime Andres Pretell, centralhome.com)
Mr. Pretell goes on to say that Salsa is like a tree. It has many roots and branches. To say that it originates from one country would be a wrong statement. It grows, evolves thanks to the support, development and influences of all the Latin and Caribbean countries that dance Salsa.
Viva Salsa! You too can learn how to dance Salsa. Find the secrets to happiness found in dancing Salsa. Dance Salsa to connect and meet other people. Dance Salsa to join the new wave of Salsa dancers. Salsa music videos have made it easy to learn the style. From Columbia to Europe, from Jaimaca to San Francisco, search for salsa videos. With the advent of the Internet, Salsa videos are even easier to find.

Salsa Stages, Salsa Power, Salsa Condiments

Welcome to Salsa Planet! Enter to enjoy Salsa Music, Salsa Spices and find Salseros

Salsa as music. Salsa as spice. Salsa as dance. Salsa as pura vida. Salsa as a way of living. Salsa all over the world. Salsa in the United States. Salsa in San Francisco. Salsa in the Bay Area. Salsa in New York. Salsa in France. Salsa in England. Salsa in Germany. Salsa at top restaurants. Salsa in ethnic markets. Salsa for salseros everywhere.

Welcome to the Salsa Planet.

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